Area Info

Area Information

Grand Teton National Park

We are 5 miles east from the Moran Entrance of Grand Teton National Park. Teton park is 310,000 acres, substantially smaller than Yellowstone, and is famous for fantastic mountain scenery and wildlife. The park extends about 40 miles north and south making all locations in this park easily accessible from our location.

Jackson Lake is the largest Teton lake at almost 15 miles long and it is a natural lake that became much larger when it was dammed in the 1900s. The western shore ends at the base of the mountains and is only accessible by boat, but the eastern shore can be accessed from Signal Mountain and Colter Bay. Jackson Lake is popular for fishing, swimming, and boating. Colter Bay and Signal Mountain both have seasonally operated marinas with boat rentals.

Jenny Lake is a glacial lake that is about 12,000 years old. There is a scenic 7.6 mile loop trail around the lake. There is a seasonally operated shuttle that will take you across for a scenic cruise and drop you close to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point.

Mormon Row, with its picturesque barns and historical buildings, is an essential stop, about 20 miles from our location, to take your own version of the classic Teton barn photo.

Oxbow Bend, is a U-shaped bend in the Snake River where the water is calm and slow. When the weather is nice, there is a perfect reflection of Mount Moran. Our staff think this is one of the best sunrise locations in the Tetons. This is also a popular location for wildlife such as otters, moose, black bears, and even grizzly bears.

Get in amongst the peaks with hiking trails such as Hermitage Point at Colter Bay, Taggart Lake, Phelps Lake, Two Oceans Lake Trail and many more. Hiking often offers more opportunities to see wildlife and get away from some of the crowds.

Yellowstone National Park

We are 33 miles south of the South Entrance of Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park is about 2.2 million acres while it is mostly in Wyoming, it also spreads into Idaho and Montana. We are as far as four hours from some areas of Yellowstone National Park, and from our location we recommend visiting the southern areas of the part including:

Old Faithful, about 70 miles from our location, is a cone geyser and it is a highly predictable geothermal feature and erupts every 44 minutes to 2 hours.

Grand Prismatic Spring, about 80 miles from our location, is the largest hot spring in the United States and the third largest in the world.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, about 87 miles from our location, is approximately 24 miles long and up to 1200 feet deep.

Jackson, Wyoming

We are located about 36 miles northeast from the town of Jackson and on the way there it’s not uncommon to spot bison, moose, coyotes, or foxes. Attractions within the town include:

The town square, with its four elk antler arches, is surrounded by local businesses of all kinds including restaurants, art galleries, retail shops, and even a place to have old time western photos taken. There are horse carriage rides around the park and a nightly town square shootout performance put on by the Jackson Hole Playhouse. We recommend catching a performance at their theater located just off the town square.

Take a western adventure at Bar T 5. Travel by horse drawn covered wagon into Cache Creek Canyon and enjoy a dutch oven cooked dinner and a western performance.

We also recommend visiting the various museums, white water rafting, and a wildlife safari.

Dubois, Wyoming

Dubois, Wyoming is located 55 miles east of our location and is a hidden gem with the feel of the old Frontier. It is located at the intersection of the volcanic Absarokas spilling eastward from Yellowstone, and the southeastward-ranging Wind River Mountains, the tallest mountain range in Wyoming.

Visit the National Bighorn Sheep Center to learn about the Whiskey Mountain Herd of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Take a guided wildlife or petroglyph tour.

The National Military Vehicle Museum has the largest private collection of United States military vehicles in the country. The collection includes over 120 fully-restored military vehicles, and they all run! An interesting and interactive stop even for those who don’t think they are interested in military vehicles.

We also recommend visiting the Dubois Museum and Wind River Historical Center, donuts from Nana’s Bowling and Bakery, or a guided fly fishing tour.